DRINKER TOYS invents & sells awesome leisure lifestyle products for water lovers. Our core product is THIRST MATE. It floats cans, koozies, party cups, tumblers, even a wine bottle. Keep your drink safe and close when you’re at the pool, lake, river or ocean! We also have awesome accessories like the LEASH to keep your drink close, CONNECTORS to hook 2 or more THIRST MATES together to create a Floatila, & RING IT! Ring Toss. Drinker Toys also curates complimentary products like BEACH TACS to tame your towel down at the beach, custom drinkware & Bum Floats.

About Dave, He’s kind-of a big deal…
I grew up in South Florida & spent a lot of time at the beach and in the pool. I built stuff all the time, starting with Legos and Lincoln Logs, followed by Tinker Toys, Erector sets and Capsela machines. I loved the creative freedom to build whatever my imagination could conceive. DRINKER TOYS goal is to make fun-able-connectable “Toys” to FLOAT LIKE A BOSS & PARTY LIKE A MERMAID on the water. Come aboard!

David C. Ballard – Inventor-Maker-Electric Unicycle Rider